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Statement & goal

Amfibians is an open source toolkit from XXX that

  • keeps primary mobile development on Android side
  • targets Android and iOS platforms with shared java code base
  • keeps genuine native UX designed and deployed by iOS XCode and Android Designer platform tools
  • provides sufficient(efficient?) toolkit for UX, server communication, data storage and hardware access.

iOS part of Amfibian stack is based on J2ObjC technology extended with own cross-platform API for mobile app development.


  • Java stack could be kept as a primary one and its code shared on server, Android and iOS.
  • Native UI for the platform supports familiar seamless user-friendly experience.

Toolkit layers

Diagram TBD

Native platform UI

Is done within platform designer. For iOS in XCode, for Android in Android Studio. The connection with business logic in code is done by reusing the same component IDs in all platforms. The Java code would work with UI via Amfibian UI component API. Which covers the essentials like get/set value and basic state changes.

Server communication

API links TBD on each

Http client API

Sync and async implementation is available.

JSON serialization

ORM via RESTful

The code samples availabe for various cases, list TBD


API and samples available


The API for following devices is planned

  • GPS/location
  • Camera via OS application invocation

Keep your requests on GIT repository(link to proj TBD) or here in [[WishList::Amfibians]] page



Is given an abstraction layer to SQLite on Android and iOS.


Makes POJO < = > DB development simpler allowing to concentrate on business logic in java without the need for extracting the fields from recordset. Link TBD

Cross-platform test

Gives an assurance that reused java codebase is correctly performing in iOS and Android platform.

Test Automation integration

At the moment is out of scope as there are many variations. Please contact authors about your environment to be considered for enhancement.