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Project tree hierarchy

  • starts from organisation with optional sub-organisations
  • within organisation projects with sub-projects
  • project comprise of modules and hierarchy of sub-modules
  • each module could have a list of members. Depend of module type it could be
    • class/interface
    • enclosed class
    • method
    • member
    • other types of internal structure

The last level will be flattened to match managed code dot notation and avoid folder structure conflict. TBD:

  • Hierarchical vs. flat(i.e. class vs folders) presentation on the same tree. Switch between them in UI or link to pure class hierarchy?
  • mix of folder and code hierarchies.
  • pure Hierarchy from code.

UI load order

The hierarchy list to comprise:

  • parent navigation up to ns/ root
  • current namespace subpages
  • main namespace subpages which are not in current
  • (TBD) all namespaces
  • Source tree subpages ( integrated w/ VC)
  • Source module members (integrated w/ JSDoc parser or AMD loader)

Caching in AF

1st, 2nd (?+3rd) layer cached on ns//directory.xml , rendered by 404.php. Other layers to be shown on demand or lazily. Each namespace could have own directory.php to work with own type of (external) sources like git or AMD loader.

Navigation to sub-folder will use its own directory.xml for populating of the UI tree. | Wiki API for subpages


  • remove cached directory.xml on current subpage create, change, remove.