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URL parameters


In compliance with dojo JsonRest sorting convention.

   GET /MyData/?sort(+name) HTTP/1.1
   Range: items=0-19

Load sequence


Load by XSLT

AsTable.xsl does in order:

  • renders default view, parameters ignored.

In case of parameters available as XML (origUrl+"parameters.xml"), initial rendering will use it from inside of XSLT. Following re-rendering shall be skipped if URL parameters not present or matching the parameters xml. The use of URL-associated parameters from 3rd-party web service TBD.

  • rendered HTML will include JS with parameters extraction
  • JS does the XSL transformation of original XML + parameters with AsTable.xsl into string of new html body.
  • the body content replaced with transformation result.

run-time parameters change


Since sorting and other rendering parameters could render whole content without any JS, it is preferred to keep as much as possible on XSLT side. JS will serve just event handling and triggering re-render with updated rendering parameters.


In TH one of arrows following the order number is shown:

   <a href="#">▲▼◊2</a>

The link holds a space if column is not sorted.

User interaction

Click on sorting TH link will trigger the column sorting in sequence

  • ascending
  • descending
  • none
  • reverse order to original.

Each time the column changed the sorting status the sort order will be changed. The order number in will be shown in the TH link. "none" and "reverse" sorting will remove the sorting order.