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Namespace matching


  • make a warning if namespaces are not identical
  • Use the mapping between source name spaces and destination. Namespace in page path should be replaced according to this mapping.


It is assumed the namespace names and IDs in source and destination wiki are matching 1:1. Since the page was designed to migrate same content between wiki's, the namespace will not be changed.

There is a way to use namespace aliases within destination wiki in case the IDs are same but namespace name differs (like for ns 4 - NS_PROJECT ).

Generated API Docs


git-restful /docs/{repo}/**

on {repo}/ level

  1. check for outdated docs in ${repo}.javadoc folder, remove older than sources
  2. if there is a .mvn file and if ${repo}.javadoc does not exist
    1. run mvn javadoc:javadoc
    2. move files from ${repo}/target/apidocs to ${repo}.javadoc folder
  3. if there is .java files and if ${repo}.javadoc does not exist
    1. run javadoc cli
  4. return list of ${repo}.* docs

Note the .mvn file on project top level could be missing or do not generate javadoc. In this case the same would be tried on sub-module level rendering javadoc. The last attempt to create java api docs would be done on .java files presence by javadoc cli. The each successful previous attempt will create the docs and following attempt would be prevented by #2 check.

manual build

Instead or relying on git-restful app to generate api docs the build could be done right after checking out the branch in ImportWiki.html step 3. The docs should be placed in same location as in step 3.2