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flow implementation

SCRIPT inject

In chrome XML by default is rendered as "" which need to be passed when creating SCRIPT tag by createElementNS.


  • Easier development in dedicated script file.
  • Short bookmarklet.
  •  ?no need to reload document
  • same document origin

TODO: other browsers

bookmarklet transformation

Use the document object as transformation source. Cut off the initial HTML and replace with transformation results.


  • Easier development in dedicated script file.
  • Short bookmarklet.


  • long bookmarklet.
  • difficult development

forward to renderer.html with URL to original XML


  • easiest development, full control over rendering.


  • XML could be unavailable from HTML. Work around: set html "origin"

IFrame/Frame with renderer.html

CONS: if XML via URL is not available, its content need to be passed over messaging.

XML presentation change

get XMLDocument options

XHR on document.URL

access original xml document

Browser renders XML as XHTML document. The original document shall be referenced somewhere. But it is not among document properties. PROS:

  • no double XML load


  • no implementation

Use proxy on same location as XSLT


  • no cross-site origin issues


  • requires dynamic content on server side, incompatible with CDN
  • double XML load

use renderer.html/php

bookmarklet forwards to renderer.php which has ORIGIN set to original XML document. PROS: ? no cross domain issues CONS: if PHP , incompatible with CDN


Version 1.0 seems to be ready. Bare bone functionality and styling in place. Time for whistles and bells, including business model. Need your input on ideas.


   "donate" - for sure. But only on home page. Time for non-profit?
   Shall ads be placed or wait until became popular?
   shall XmlView be a part of XmlAspect or independent entity? vs I guess own domain will be easier to maintain but cost few $ extra.

Whistles and bells

  • support for random XML format with level complexity recognition( i.e. table vs tree view on sub-branch )
  • another views in addition to table
    • chart pie,
    • chart bar
    • nicer tree, perhaps with extra usability
  • style editor - on each view type
  • YouTube instructions
  • social links( G+,FB,twitter ) - which ones?
  • Support
    • forum
    • FAQ
    • wish list+vote+$ pledge
  • Parameters for rendering
    • URL parameters, need tricks on in-browser XSLT
    • service to keep URL-parameters mapping, need access control. Perhaps commercial, version 2.0
  • table parameters:
    • sorting
    • field visibility
    • field filtering
       all of above could be done over XML as a layer before feeding to UI transformation
    • XPath selector for 1 level table rendering. low priority, difficult
  • table parameters change from rendered UI