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GIT Repositories

ImportGit.html is a tool to sync external git repository folder to AF subfolder.

Same AF subtree could reflect the hierarchy of different repositories, each holding particular type of information. For example, API documentation could reside in separate repo from sources of embedded into sources themselves; contributors info structure will not match the source hierarchy leaving only top levels where particular contributor was involved.


For import from git repository you would need a git-restful server instance access.

ImportGit.html is the wizard of folders/files along with recognized features. Wizard guides over features and help to select the relevant and updated(since last sync) ones. Once sync content selected, it will be posted under AF project/module tree.

It shall be available on any project level with ability to override the path within version control.


Back commit of AF data TBD.

UI access

The command will be available for every page over Tools menu in Sidebar

Repo sync

Two-way synchronization with exposed diffs and author/dates TBD.