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Provide the data feed for import GIT repository tree into ApiFusion source tree during sync (link TBD) process.

Import process

Sync page on Source subtree of project would connect to localhost (or given URL root) and traverse through folders/files.

local server

While the local web server is resources do not consume AF site resources, it would put an extra effort to configure the environment:

  • clone repo locally
  • install git-restful as a sibling to repo folder
  • configure and run the local web server, most likely in own port#
  • beat up the CORS limitations in browser either by
    • setting the reverse proxy to AF and local instance of server with git-restful. This way browser will see import page, AF and git-restful via proxy on same server( config sample TBD)
    • Disabling CORS in browser( by plugin or in settings )
    • setting correct HTTPS certificate for git-restful server

git-restful public server

For AF users convenience the EC2 instance will be serving as the git-restful via https. The VM image or dedicated instance could be made on demand to [email protected] if the shared public server limitations are important for your project.


  • first come - first serve. The import process could take a while and concurrent imports would impact each other. Hence the queue would be established.
  • No privacy for repositories as data would be available over internet
  • No user name/password could be passed for git repo authentication

Those limitations are not presented when you host own git-restful instance.