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ApiFusion use cases

Depend of role

Create organisation

Main authentication and domain profiles. Validation of ownership and email identity. 2. Create project. Roll over each namespace setup UI. 1st Default name space #0 setup will prompt for major project types. Enabling VC repo, change tracking, wiki, etc. withing namespace in short combination profile. Each namespace will have ability to (re-) set own preferences or add extra one. I.e. VC could have multiple branches or repo.

Module creation


SubModule creation

Namespace setup

Wizard to guide over initial namespace content. Each namespace to have own setup parameters and execution code. Setup.xml and setup.php Setup.xsl will invoke either SetupView.xsl or SetupEdit.xsl View will read and render read-only UI. Edit in addition to Edit UI will invoke the server side Setup.php for parameters validation and configuring namespace specific data.