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Each page could have a presentation specific to certain aspect of project life cycle.

While the page URL represents a project structure, the namespace prefix exposes its specific dimension. Page could serve a content of any kind. Module, source file or method parameters are good samples. Each will have various interest in the eyes of different people. Release engineer will look on revisions, QA on test procedures, the product manager on requirements set. Those will be shown in own namespace for same page. Take a look at the namespace hierarchy tree on the left toolbar for current list.

Static content caching

The URL convention. In sample URL

  • "/Namespaces/" common root for URLs are handled by ( by 404 - missing page - path mapping of web server Apache,etc.)
  • "Design/" the namespace which will be used as a prefix in wiki link ( ).
  • "" the wiki (sub-)page. This page is in sample URL.

Each namespace has a "talk" complimentary namespace as in MediaWiki convention: - tutorial itselg
Tutorial - its discussion

The list of namespaces is served by

Should the page(main namespace) categories applied to each namespace TBD
This page is a sample of Design: namespace.


Use Discussion for proposals.