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Project folder structure

The URL matches FS and version control unless otherwise stated.

source folders

Source on version control will match the web site URL and FS

  • /wiki mediawiki installation. Could be a git subtree with local changes commit. The local changes will be limited to symlinks and config files overrides located in another subtree. See
  • /php the service modules. See
  • /phpwiki mediawiki add-ons and overrides. Location will map to ../wiki FS. Wiki overrides own by ../wiki are kept here as a link for AF docs reason. The files which are not a part of original wiki held in phpwiki served by TBD( 404 handler or symlink within /wiki ). See
  • /ns is a root for all namespaces URL mapping. The application will refer individual doc pages here. The /ns/Default matches wiki default namespace.

404 error handler for /ns root encapsulate request to wiki with matching URL into XML with associated XSLT. The assembled XML will be used for data caching into file matching the original URL. ".xml" extension will be added to each file to distinct subpages and avoid mimetype collision.
See VC UI app convention is in place for JS structure:

  • app subtree the project
  • lib the root for UI projects in format organization/module
  • lib/ holds project which owns few others.