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ApiFusion relations in MediaWiki

ApiFusion uses MediaWiki as a primary back-end application. Its data model laid over the MediaWiki objects. It uses following conventions and constrains on objects.


The pages and subpages hierarchies will match the ownership structure:



In mediaWiki pages grouping is done by Categories. Hence the Categories and sub-categories will support this pages hierarchy. The ApiFusion application will support the integrity between pages and categories by adding matching category(s) to each.


Present different aspect of module. Think of Docs, License, etc as sample.

Namespace details, Project Folders structure


The hierarchy of organisation and projects within structure is based on mediawiki subpages and dynamic hierarchy retrieval from external repositories.

See details in Subpages design.


The declared policy is to permit the straight ownership with open public space associated with each page. I.e. the page has an owner but everyone is permitted to make a comment and everyone will be able to see those alternative opinions. Page owners should not be able to ban or silence alternative views. The gears for such democracy TBD.
As suggestion to expose the "alternatives" section with links list and public unmoderated version of same page. Something like namespace with extra "unmoderated" suffix.
When comments or edits done on the page they would be copied to original and unmoderated page. Original content could be moderated, public - only by wiki bureaucrat/admin.