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AmdHarness loader design created.



So far there are only two people involved, with only one of them coding. The time frame will depend on personal availability and the ability to render revenue of around $20k/mo.

There is a chance to mix .org(open source part of project) with client interest. This should be mutually beneficial.


There are some services which from the beginning will be paid for. These could be private projects, syndication with service providers, etc.

Such services could be used as pre-paid period/life-time commitments to provide references for service vendors on project pages. For direct service vendors, the link posted on matching project and namespace could be the most efficient. For example a link to a notary service in the CLA section or a security reviewer reference on a security page.

Pre-sale of Advertisement placeholders. Need to define the efficiency scope for ad in relation to individual projects.

Perhaps it would be worth it to advertise which projects will be presented on the ApiFusion site? Shimbhalla should be attractive.

Highlight the reasons to use the service for a) contributors, b) service vendors, c) 3rd-party


Unlike crowdfunding, this will require a strict business plan. Without proper statistics (user base) is almost impossible.

The amount of funds required to make a live service greatly exceeds $20k/mo. TBD.


Once the initial used base is established, an evaluation of potential income sources could be done.

Based on this evaluation, speculative projections could be made and the business plan (including development and marketing) could be present to VC. If the revenue will exceed $30k/mo, there is a chance to support natural growth without involvement of VC, IPO or acquisition.


Grants seem to be most logical source of funding, as the mission is humanitarian: bring people together. The multilingual support is a significant aspect of the service which will help to advance the national IT level, along with integration into the global development community.